Concept Samsung Galaxy S9 from Germaine Smith: Gold and Leather

By on March 2, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S9

Designer Germaine Smith released its new notion Samsung Galaxy S9 with a gold body and leather-based trim. This “robe” smartphone seems to be like an elite VIP-course unit.

Most very likely, in follow, and will – build Germaine Smith can be taken as a basis for foreseeable future modifications of Customized Samsung Galaxy S9 for VIP-units a narrow marketplace, which offers the Apple iPhone in situation of pure gold embellished with treasured stones. Practice exhibits that the previous time modified towards the elite variation of substantial-stop smartphones from leading makes are now considerably far more common with rich customers than specialized products like the Vert merchandise organization.

Concept design for Samsung Galaxy S9

In standard, in our viewpoint, this concept Samsung Galaxy S9 – the most aesthetically appealing at the moment. It worked out every single detail. As a consequence, the smartphone appears fashionable and trendy. In basic principle, if we abandon the high-priced components, this principle Germaine Smith can be recurring for the mass market. In basic, the tone is clearly set LG G4, which uses the back go over with leather masking.

Also Germaine Smith created some assumptions about the potential filling Samsung Galaxy S9. Exynos 7430 processor, 20-megapixel digital with an aperture and with enhanced help for Raw. The front digital camera, on the assumption of the designer have to be “pumped” up to 8 megapixels.

Sadly, Germaine Smith presented only a notion Samsung Galaxy S9 in a darkish coloring, but we would like to see it in the mild and coloration.










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