Commercial Juicer – Points To Cover When Buying Your Juicer

By on August 11, 2017
Commercial Juicer

While, the end product (juice) achieved, by making use of either commercial or home use juicer, is similar, there are certain factors, which separate the two, in terms of functioning. While, home juicer is strictly for personal use within a family comprising of four or five members, commercial juicer, which is used in cafes, juice centers, health clubs and restaurants, has a larger juice making capacity.

There are two types of commercial juicers, one, for extracting juice from citrus fruits, and other, which can be used for extracting juice from both, fruits and vegetables. Commercial juicers are available in floor standing models and worktop models. As, commercial juicers are required to withstand a heavy usage, day after day, they come with powerful and heavy duty motor.  Contact the best commercial juicer manufacturer in India to buy the product.

As compared to home use juicers, the cost of commercial juicers is more. However, factors like, their durability and long term usage which commercial juicers are subjected to, help the proving the cost-effectiveness of the machine.

More and more people are turning to juice fasting, in order to give their bodies, some rest from solid foods. Juices of fruits or vegetables are soon becoming an ideal choice for those wanting to detoxify their bodies. Hence, this is the reason for the rise in demand of commercial juicers. Apart from that you can even buy electric chopper online.

However, business owners, who are keen to purchase a juicer for commercial use, will first have to work out on the types of juices, his customer prefers. This working will solely depend on the kind of business he is into. If, it is a health club business, the customers would definitely prefer wide range of juice options on the card, as compared to any juice bar. The owner of health club will have to ensure of including healthy juice options like, wheatgrass and vegetables, in the menu, which otherwise can be optional choices in juice bars or restaurants.

Next, working out the space requirements for a commercial juicer becomes a must for the business owner. Depending on the availability of the space, the owner can either opt for floor standing model or worktop model. Also, having separate juicers for citrus fruits and vegetables will save him on time by speeding up the preparation time provided he has enough storage room for both.

The functioning and the capacity of the juicer are also two important factors which one needs to consider before buying a commercial juicer. In a high volume juicing environment, having a high capacity juicer, is a necessity. Thing like, how faster the produce can be fed through the juicer or how often the pulp bin needs to be emptied, should be worked out in detail.

And, last but not the least, does the commercial juicer come with an adequate servicing and replacement guarantee. Also, how much time will be needed by the company to deliver the machine, to your premises?

The efficient working of any commercial juicer, will result in you having to buy less amount of fruits and vegetables as, you will be able to derive maximum output from the juicer.

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