Combat between Samsung galaxy tab 3 and Nexus 7

By on May 14, 2013
Samsung galaxy tab

Samsung galaxy tab 3 has plunged into the market with its niche qualities and has impressed with its wow factors. It is a renovated variant of Samsung galaxy tab 2 which abides to be a stylish, elegant and a smart looking tablet. The design is sleek and slender giving a good grip into your hands. Let’s compare it with the other leading tablets in the market like nexus 7 and whether Samsung would surpass them with its new unconventional features.


The design of Samsung galaxy Tab 3 is slender and sleek which is almost the same as Nexus 7. Both the tablets are of 7 inches and Android operated and weighs almost the same. Although Samsung has a good grip to hold and adds elegance to your personality.


The size of the display is 7 inches of both the tablets but when it comes to resolution delivery Nexus 7 has an upper hand as it provides 1280×800 pixels and Samsung galaxy tab 3 gives 1024×600. Both the tablet capacious display promises proximity and light sensors and multi touch which helps the user in multi tasking easily while browsing.


Nexus 7 comes with an Arm cortex A9 processor with NVIDIA Tegra system chip which will definitely work faster than the unknown 1.2 GHZ processor used in the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 which is better than its predecessor but Nexus goes a bit ahead in this field and has a reputed quality quad core silicon processor. Both the tablets have dedicated graphic processor which gives a good experience to the user while browsing.


Both the slates have a strong build and a sturdy look and have a plastic back cover. Samsung has a smooth back whereas Nexus 7 sports a rugged back cover with traction.


Samsung galaxy Tab 3 beats nexus in its camera features as it possess dual camera of 3MP allowing to capture beautiful moments with its features like panorama scenes, exposure compensation, Geo Tagging and smile detection resulting amazing picture quality, it also has a 0.3MP front facing camera whereas Nexus7 has a only a front facing camera with video calling features and no camcorder so you cannot capture your cherishing moments. Samsung galaxy Tab 3 sports a HD camcorder delivering a resolution of 1280×720 at 30fps giving the opportunity to video shoot wherever you go.


Here again Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 leaves Nexus 7 behind with its strong storage capacity. Galaxy Tab 3 gives a lot of storage for its users helping them to store files, photos, videos, apps, games and many more with its 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory which is expandable up to 64 GB via Micro SD slot, though on the other hand Nexus 7 comes with a meager storage of 1GB RAM, 8GB internal with no provision of expandability in comparison to Samsung Galaxy tab 3


Both tablets run on Android butSamsung Galaxy tab 3 provides its own Touch Wiz UI on preference but one can access Google play and keep themselves entertained but Nexus 7 is a bit ahead in the software field as it runs on the latest version of Android which will be more updated in comparison to Samsung.

Battery and Dimensions

Nexus 7 comes with a huge Li-polymer battery of 4325 mAh giving a stand by time of 300 hours with a dimension of 198.5x120x10.45mm whereas Samsung galaxy tab 3 is not  far less with a Li-Ion battery of 4000mAh with a dimension of 193.7×122.4×10.5mm. Nexus 7 allows 9 hour video play back and 10 hours internet browsing.

Multimedia features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 keeps you entertained wherever you go with its multimedia features as it support formats like MP3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, AMR, MIDI and WAV whereas Nexus 7 supports only MP3 format giving you less options. The video player features of both the slates are almost same and allow audio and video streaming and have you tube Player. Samsung Galaxy Tab3 has additional features of Stereo speakers and earpiece.


Samsung Galaxy tab 3 has geo magnetic, light and accelerometer sensor for Wi-Fi and same for 3G light, proximity, geo magnetic and accelerometer sensors whereas Nexus 7 comes with NFC, Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, magnetometer and Microphone.

Connectivity and User Interface

Both the gadgets have good connectivity features and are almost the same where Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has Bluetooth, USB, head phone connector and Wi-Fi with mass storage device, Nexus 7 has all the above same features except the storage device and features a USB host. Samsung has an add-on feature of direct Wi-Fi, although Nexus 7 do not posses it. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has the phone functionality and one can easily call or SMS though this tab whereas Nexus 7 do not have any phone functionality but has the phone features like phonebook, organizer, email, Google Talk which is featured on the Galaxy Tab 3 also. By Nexus 7 one can give voice commands and record voice but Samsung Galaxy Tab3 has an add-on feature of Voice calling along with these specifications. Both the tablets promise to be a 3G option to connect better and faster.

Internet Browsing and Technology

Both the tablets support HTML and HTML5 along with Chrome and has built in online service like you tube and Picasa where one can easily upload videos and store photos and make albums. Nexus 7 has a GPS positioning and Tab 3 has A GPS and Glonass positioning.  Here Samsung Galaxy tab 3 goes a step ahead as it supports Global roaming and thus can connect you to people worldwide.


Where Samsung galaxy tab 3 takes the upper side in Wi-Fi and 3G version and also has a sleek design which is easy to grip. It also has an advantage of having a camera with more storage retention in comparison to Nexus 7 but Nexus is no less with its HD screen and powerful processor giving boost to its overall performance.

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