Categories of Women’s Attires for Different Occasions

By on April 19, 2017
Women Attires

Do you keep wondering what the most appropriate attire is for different occasions? Whenever you open your wardrobe you may always feel inadequate when it comes to options in clothing. For different occasions we need different dress codes. For a casual outing you need to wear something different than what you might wear in your workspace. When you receive an invitation, you might end up spending hours deciding what to wear for the event. Business formals, smart casuals, dressy casuals may all mess up your sense of fashion. Fortunately, to your rescue this article will help in resolving some of the major fashion conflicts.

As clothes can create a lot of ruckus in our daily living, here are a few options you can choose from to solve your everyday dilemmas.

Business casuals are worn extensively in offices and workplaces. If your workplace is not overly conservative, you can try out formals that aren’t exceedingly formal. They contain a more polished and relaxed appearance. They are appropriate for formal dinner invitations as well. A blouse and cropped trousers with light accessories will be a great option to consider. Formal evening tops play well as business casuals along with jeans and ankle-length boots.

Business formals are recommended for formal events and occasions like conferences and work lunches. It is a better version of well suited office wear. A well tailored dress with a pair of high heels is a look to go for. Dark colours go well with business formals.

Casuals can be anything that you find yourself comfortable in. It can either be a t-shirt with shorts, or jeans and a shirt. You can personalise this dress code as per your comfort level. A simple pair of sneakers will do justice to your outfit. Do not overdo your look with heels and extra accessories. The theme should be of a relaxed type. With some light make-up you are ready to make an appearance.

Dressy casuals are amazing for a weekend getaway. It is a bit dressier than the normal casual look. Cute skirts and button-up shirts fit well in this dress code. With accessories like jewelleries, scarves, and hats the whole look will transform you into something extremely charming. It is also apt for wearing in evening and casual dinners. A nice pair of jeans along with a casual evening top is a good to go for visiting a mall in a summer day. You can buy evening tops online or from branded showrooms in markets.

People may confuse smart casuals with dressy casuals. Smart casuals fall somewhere between business casuals and dressy casuals. Rather than going for jeans which is quite a mainstream option, you can check out a variety of alternatives to spice up your appearance. If you are planning for a brunch with a bunch of friends, smart casuals will work the best. Shoes that go well with this dress code are heels or trendy flats. It will definitely complete your entire look.

Follow these guidelines judiciously and you will never face a dilemma that has the word fashion in it.

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