Car safety checklist for extreme weather conditions

By on January 19, 2018
Car safety checklist

Whether you own an economy or a super luxury vehicle, to enjoy a safe ride you need to follow certain safety measures and safety checklist in every season. Especially, during harsh weather conditions like extreme summer, rainy and snowy seasons; when temperatures are either very high or roads are covered with water or snow and visibility is reduced significantly. Such circumstances make driving difficult even for the experienced drivers with good driving skills. Eventually it increases the risk of accidents.

Below I am sharing the safety checklist and few simple tips, which will help you to overcome these weather associated dangers while driving your favorite car.

Keep your car serviced all the time

Regular service and maintenance is a necessity for every vehicle. If you own a luxury automobile then you should go for comprehensive care and maintenance for your vehicle. A reliable Mitsubishi service in Dubai can offer all the essential maintenance and repair service that include everything from fluid change, engine tuning and detailing. A properly cared and maintain car enable you to tackle emergency situations efficiently.

Don’t forget to check these things

Despite following regular service regime, extreme weather conditions demands extra care and attention to check levels of certain fluid and functionality of specific mechanical components in your car. Do check levels of antifreeze and radiator, fuel & oil levels along with tire pressure, emergency flashers, brakes and brake fluid Level, battery charge, windshield wiper operation, fluid check and terminal cleanliness of vehicle.

Show extra care when driving under extreme conditions

Obeying rules and regulations, while driving is essential not only for personal safety, but also for everyone else in your surroundings. Avoid over speeding and show patience to avoid accidents.

Things you should put in the car trunk

Don’t forget to keep flash light, vehicle fire extinguisher, spare tire, wrench and basic tool kit which contain couple of screw drivers, electrical tape, duct tape, pressure gauge and wrench to fix minor issues during traveling.  Learn to fix small mechanical issues and most importantly changing a tire. If you can’t handle these problems on your own, simply avoid driving in rough seasons.

Besides these mechanical instruments, don’t forget to keep dry food items, drinkable water and plastic water cans for vehicle.

Simple tips to follow if you got stuck with vehicle

Don’t lose your temperament and stay calm within your car. Slightly open windows to let fresh air come in. Beware of Carbon Mono Oxide gas and switch off the engine to avoid production of this poisonous gas. Turn on warning lights and indicators to make your car visible. Switch on ceiling light whereas switch off headlights to avoid battery drain.

Why people need emergency kits?

These kits and safety measures are essential for those living in remote locations, where car mechanic shops are not present in close vicinity. Commuters from big cities can also be stranded due to harsh weather. However, organizing simple emergency kits can be very helpful for them.

Endnote: Having your luxury vehicle serviced and inspected regularly at Mitsubishi service in Dubai is the best way to keep it running flawlessly during harsh weathers.

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