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At any instance, using steroids is a way of harming the human organs and its hormonal secretions causing a long term side effects. Be aware of all such negative effects and take precautions for using steroid.


Steroids are the organic compounds whose usage are banned and are found to be illegal without a doctor’s prescription. Generally these are the drugs used by the athletes to empower themselves with better muscular structure and use it as a competitive advantage. Anabolic steroid is a type used by sports men and it said that its presence can never be good for the heart even when used as a medical aid.It is a synthetic version of testosterone which is a male hormone (but found less in women also) that helps in building the muscles and in increasing masculine traits. Making a cyclical change in the testosterone of one’s body can have a greater health issues. When the levels of testosterone changes drastically it can affect a person’s aggressiveness.


Steroids areveryeffective in medical circumstances like

  • To improvise the muscle that is lost due to AIDS.
  • To treat delayed puberty.
  • To stimulate the loss of testicular function.

Though such problems can be cured using steroids it has a negative impact too. Either it is used legally or illegally, any drug that causes malfunctioning of the normal process in the body or bring a change in the secretion of normal hormones can definitely cause side effects. There are certain steroidal supplements that has DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenedione which was available in the health food centres and in gyms. In the present scenario with the concern on citizens, government has made it illegal to sell these drugs in the stores, but still DHEA has its presence in the market.


The first precaution for using steroid is to know all the side effects and consequences as there is always a minimum effect on its usage.The general problems in using anabolic steroids are:

  • Premature balding or high loss of hair.
  • Gaining weight drastically.
  • Being more aggressive than by nature, combative, delusions.
  • Causes Jaundice.
  • Liver malfunctioning.

There can be heart diseases, clots, or a heart stroke and can increase the blood pressure also. Another important aspect in the negative effects of the drug usage is with the user who injects steroid. It includes

  • High risks of HIV when the steroid needles are shared among other drug users.
  • Can cause hepatitis, liver disease if an unsterilized needle is used.


Generally the usage of these drugs in common people starts in a way to combat stress and relief pain that they start using it with a perception to continue for a short period of time. Eventually the drugs are addictive in nature and people find hard to fight back the drugs and to get relieved. Another major problem is that once a druggist tries to terminate drug or slows down the quantity used, finds many ways to get back into it to escape many withdrawal symptoms like

  • Loss of appetite
  • Tiredness
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Addictiveness

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