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By on October 1, 2019
bulk SMS reseller business

More and more businesses these days are taking the help of text messages to promote their brand and the products and services they are offering to the audience. Sending a customized SMS with all the essential details to the customers in a single go has come as a cost-effective method for most of the marketing businesses.

The demand for sending bulk messages in the field of marketing is increasing and this has given an opportunity to many to work as a bulk SMS provider in the industry. What some of the bulk SMS providers do is that they buy the SMS credits and then resell it to other individuals and businesses at the price of their choice. The bulk SMS reseller business is growing in India to help many of the marketers and for your business, you can contact cheap bulk SMS reseller in India.

SMS credit is the currency you need to buy to send messages to the target audience. A message with 160 characters consumes 1 credit and if the message length is more than 160 characters then more credits are consumed according to your message’s length.

The reasons businesses are using bulk SMS services effectively to promote themselves are mentioned below:

  1. Bulk text messages help to reach maximum people at a time with a personalized message by saving your time.
  2. It increases the opportunities for the businesses, as 99% of the receivers open and read the message, which is good for the company’s growth.
  3. It helps you to connect with your customers directly and making way to increase your presence in the market.
  4. It has a high conversion rate allowing more customers to take action. It is the most effective medium than others to approach your target audience.
  5. Sending messages to the customers also opens the door for getting feedback and suggestions.
  6. Lastly, it is also the most cost-effective medium to engage with your precious customers.

But every good thing comes with a little bit of disadvantages as well and hence, below are the cons of bulk messaging:

  1. As the maximum limit for 1 SMS is 160 characters it sometimes restricts the sender to arrange all the details on a single page.
  2. While sending bulk messages, the sender is not allowed to include any form of media apart from writing text.
  3. Sending bulk messages can sometimes decrease the credibility of the sender as the message doesn’t seem to be an interactive lacking personal touch.

So, now you know that using bulk SMS service for your business is going to give you a maximum number of benefits than turning out to be a disadvantage for you. To help your business to grow during the initial stages, SMS marketing is the best option for you as it saves your time and money at the same time. You can find various bulk SMS providers and cheap bulk SMS resellers in India for your business to grow.

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