Best Handmade Gifts Ideas For Your Memorable Occasions

By on August 23, 2017
Handmade Gifts

Artisanry or Handmade crafts, also termed as handicrafts item, are innovative pieces of art that are skillfully made by people using various natural elements such as wood, shells, stones, paper, wood or rock, etc. with less mechanism and simple tools. Items made out of such procedures are known as handicraft items because they are made solely with hands without the use of advanced and automated machines.

Since India is one of the most prolific destinations for handicrafts, it has not just attracted the locals but also attracted a lot of foreign tourists in India. Since different states in India have their artistic crafts, it is much easier to buy handmade jewelry online.  Women just love these products and when it comes to gifting them one will not have to think much if they choose to gift handmade items.

Some handmade items which can be used for gifting are mentioned below:

  • Handicraft Jewelry:

To gift jewelry as an item then it’s a no brainer, but when it comes to choosing from handicraft jewelry then you will have to do some research certainly. Bell metal pendants can be a good choice. When it comes to handicraft jewelry, the dhokla jewelry tops the chart. It is one of the oldest forms of art and the tribal touch that it contains can leave the one you gift stunned. If you’re looking for best handmade gifts for her birthday and jewelry is what you have decided to gift her then jewelry made from jute like jute bangles stand a chance to be in the reckoning. Jewelry made from Shell, Rock and Wood can also be a great option.

  • Home Decor:

Decorative pieces are meant for gifting. Some of the best handmade gift items include decorative pieces and designer household items. A bangle holder, jewelry boxes, Vermillion box made from wood, rocks, paper and brass is one of the best options for her birthday. Décor items made from wood and metals are also durable and are an item which is used by girls and women at large therefore don’t hesitate to buy her some of the best decorative piece of craft on her birthday.

  • Handmade Sarees and Kurtis:

Even if not for her birthday this can be considered as an evergreen idea when it comes to gifting her. Sarees or Kurtis made from weaving handicrafts like the famous handloom sarees, Kota sarees, bandhani sarees among others is certainly the best choice. Kurtis is in trend these days, and designer handmade cotton Kurtis is also one of the best options for her.

  • Handbags and Purses:

In India, you will hardly find women who get out of the home without a handbag or the purse. Hence gifting a designer handmade bag or purse can certainly make her day. Handbags and purses made from jute and leather are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. It is undoubtedly one of the best gifting options for her.

If you intend to gift something unique on her birthday, then these customized handmade items can make her day.

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