Best gifts for car crazy kids

By on June 25, 2018
Best gifts for car crazy kids

Do you have a kid that is absolutely bonkers about cars? If you have run out of car-related gift ideas and want to give your vehicle obsessed child the best present ever, browse our ideas and find the perfect gift!

Car-shaped bed

Being able to wake up in your very own racing car is every car-mad kid’s dream. Surprise your child with a high-end bed from for the ultimate care-related gift. There are several models to choose from and the car beds are available in orange, black, white, blue, and red. Complete with doors that open, LED headlights, wheel lights and side mirror lights, these are not your typical car beds. Turbobeds are not cheap, and you can expect to pay around $1,300 for each bed.

Little Tikes car

Every car-loving household should have one of the Little Tikes cars. If your child is just discovering their appreciation for cars, this is the perfect first car-related gift. The sturdy plastic cars allow your child to sit in and drive by pushing them along with their feet. Available in several different colors and themes, the Little Tikes cars are suitable for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old. If you have a little extra in your budget, why not buy the accessorising gas pump too?

A Go Kart

For something much less static, opt for a go kart. Your child will love feeling like a grow-up in their own vehicle, and with so many different varieties currently available, you will find at least one to suit your individual child’s age, size and taste. Gokartsreview.Com is an excellent resource when deciding which go kart to buy, and gives you the pros and cons for six different go karts.

Racing car chocolates

One for the Christmas stocking, car chocolates are an affordable yet thoughtful gift for the young car enthusiast. DeBrand Fine Chocolates sell individual racing car chocolates wrapped in gold oil for $5, or you can buy a bag of four foil-covered chocolates for $20 in a neat cellophane bag.

Racing car experience

Older kids will love the chance to sit in the passenger seat of a racing car and to travel at super high speeds around a racing track. There are many different companies offering racing car experiences, but you can usually purchase an experience for less than $100.

Discoveroo wooden car racing set

For a more traditional gift, consider the Discoveroo wooden car racing set. This cute kit consists of here wooden cars, a racing track, a model gas pump, and a start sign. For less than $18, this is the perfect gift for 3 to 6-year olds who simply love playing with cars.

Melissa and Doug car carrier

This colourful gift consists of four painted wooden cars and a wooden tow-truck. The car carrier gives plenty of opportunity for imaginative play and can even be personalised for a few extra dollars.

Have fun choosing car-themed gifts for your child, no matter what your budget.

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