Bangalore – A city for art lovers

By on September 3, 2016
art lovers

Bangalore today is counted amongst the metropolitan cities of India. This city has its own distinct charm of itself. Bangalore has been the first city to get modernised and also the first movement of commercialisation. In fact, electricity was first introduced to this city only. Ever since then, there is no stopping in the commercial and industrial growth of the city. The cosmopolitan aura is not the only thing that attracts people to live or travel to Bangalore, but also the pleasant weather throughout the year makes it a traveller’s paradise. With people setting from all other parts of the country, it has also contributed to the night life and metro culture.

Bangalore is not only the city for people who like to party and shop, but is also for diehard fans of art and culture. If you are visiting Bangalore, then there are many things that can excite the art lovers. Below are some places that you can visit while your visit in the city.

Rangoli Metro Arts Centre

This centre is one stop shop for different kinds of activities. There are about three art galleries that exhibit the modern art such as paintings, photographs, sculptures and artefacts. This centre is not only for art lovers. If you are there with your children, then you don’t have to worry about their enjoyment. The metro arts centre has something for everyone. In the Rangsthala auditorium there are magic and puppet shows hosted for children and a specific area is designated for children’s activities. There are also some shops that sell artefacts, paintings, souvenirs etc. On special days there are even events hosted like jam sessions or music performances. During the festival time, this place comes alive.

art lovers


Apart from being the goldmine of paintings, this place is also amongst the finest art institutions in the country. Apart from the wide array display of paintings by some famous artists, this place also host folk dance and music performances, puppet shows and musical recitals. The ChitrakalaParishath consists of a graphic studio and five art galleries that can be hired by artist to host an art exhibition to exhibit their explicit work. This place has also managed to keep the traditional form of art alive in form of Mysore paintings and leathery puppetry. There are numerous of workshops hosted as well where the visitors can participate as well.

National Gallery of Modern Art

This gallery was once a heritage mansion that was later converted into an art museum. With the old structure there is an addition of new gallery block that houses paintings, prints, scriptures from 18th century. This place also consists of an auditorium, where number of events takes place. Other than that there is a library, a cafeteria and a museum shop that sell souvenirs. Throughout the year, many art exhibitions and film screenings takes place in this wonderful gallery, which makes this place par excellence.

art lovers

So, if you are an art lover, there are many things to do in Bangalore for you as well. You can keep checking the upcoming events in these places and plan your trip accordingly.

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