How to avoid a tyre burst in Dubai during summer?

By on March 8, 2017
tyre burst accident

Number of tyre burst accident round the world has increased during the last few years, mostly due to tyre burst in extreme summer temperatures. The case of Dubai is, however exceptional since the place is known best for higher than usual temperatures causing more tyre bursts. Compare the wheels to a human body that require extra care and protection from heat during summer. Check out the tips below to protect a burst tyre in Dubai.

Check tyres regularly

All tyres including the spare must be checked regularly for possible signs of damage, uneven wear, cuts or exposed cables. Tyre tread depth indicates remaining service life and to determine it, a measuring instrument is used. The minimum legal tread requirement for a tyre in Dubai and across the UAE is 1.6mm whereas motorists are advised to change when it reaches 3mm just to remain extra cautious. You can easily purchase tread depth gauge at any tyre specialist however, do consult industry expert for 100 percent assurance and safety.

Check tyre pressure

Experts recommend checking tyre pressure at least once a month as it naturally drops more or less two pounds every month. This drop level may further accelerate in extreme heat putting the tyre as well as the entire vehicle at risk. Besides quicker wear, underinflated tyres hamper various driving mechanism such as braking distance, fuel consumption, safety and handling.

You may conveniently measure tyre’s pressure with an air gauge simply by removing the valve cap and attach the gauge to it instead. Remember pressure requirements are different with each tyre manufacturer. Look for the recommended inflation pressure on the side door, on the latch or simply refer to the instruction manual.

Only check the pressure when tyres are cold which means they mustn’t have been on the road for at least two hours.

Check balancing

All four tyres must be uniformly balanced. Just in case you feel the vehicle’s body or steering wheel vibrating while on the road, it’s an indication of unbalanced tyres. The rule says even distribution of weight around the tyre’s axle as even a fractional difference may cause vibration. Unbalanced wheels further lay excess stress on the suspension components as well as cause premature wear.

Check the alignment

Make sure the wheels are properly aligned. Even with normal driving, many parts of the suspension mechanism including tyres may become worn with stretched out springs. In case you’ve driven over a large object or hit a pothole, suspensions are likely to be disrupted with misaligned wheels. During summer particularly, you need being extra careful with tyre in Dubai as unaligned tyres cause premature exhaust and eventually a burst wheel.

Several indications include the car drifting to one side even when driving straight, vibration in the steering wheel or driving straight even when steering is turned to the left or right. Wheel alignment must be corrected only by a professional as carelessness may result in a fatal accident.


The maintenance procedures as listed above are for tyres in Dubai as well as all extremely hot regions around the world.


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