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By on February 14, 2017
anniversary cakes

Anniversary is one of the auspicious events in the life of every married couple. You must be cherishing the moments of your wedding even after the years, through the marriage anniversaries. As the year passes, the bond of love between two becomes stronger. It is important to celebrate this day every year. Anniversary cake is an important consideration related to this. Online gift delivery websites have option for buying cakes. You just need to make the order and the cake will reach your home.

Variety of anniversary cakes

Not every individual has similar taste. This is the reason, the bakeries or the cake manufacturing companies have varied options. You can now visit the online stores and have a look at different types of cakes. Let us have a look of some options as under:

Black forest anniversary cake

You must be aware of the name ‘Black forest.’ It is one of the famous name in the pastries. The taste of the cake is delicious. This cake is made with vanilla with white creams. Also you will get the chocolate flakes covering the entire cake just over the white cream. At the top, cherry balls are garnished with white cream round.

Dense chocolate anniversary cake

Generally, the females have fascination for the chocolate flavors. Thus, most of the anniversary cakes are made with the same flavor. You can get this cake in different quantity as per the requirement. The extraordinary variety of cake is totally dense with dark blackish tend. Also the white color cream chips are garnished with heart shape. The particular Anniversary cake delivery in India is now possible to any location of the nation.

Pineapple cake for anniversary

Pineapple flavor is one of the demanding choice of many people. If you are among them, order the cake with pineapple flavor with the cherry toppings at the top. If you have arranged for a small party with 20-25 invitees at home, half kg of this cake will be enough. The cake has a good depth with soft feel when you bite it. The pineapple jam placed in the middle will bring a delicious taste to the entire cake.

Strawberry cake for anniversary

Most of you must be loving the taste of fresh strawberries. It is now possible to get the same taste in your anniversary cake. The punch of vanilla and strawberry flavored cake can make your anniversary more enjoyable. You can go for vegetarian or non-vegetarian cakes. There are options for with egg and eggless cakes. It is also possible to order some fresh flowers along with this cake.

Coffee flavored anniversary cake

You must be drinking coffee at home or any other place. But the cake with the coffee flavor will be totally different. You will really love it. The top portion of the anniversary cake with coffee flavor have a layer of coffee in diluted form. The yellowish tinge with brownish black color layer looks really attractive. White vanilla toppings over it gives a different look.

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