Amazing gifts for the vibrant Mumbaikar

By on March 6, 2017
Amazing gifts

The city of dreams that is Mumbai is just so lively. Even the people who live here are filled with vibrance and colour. Therefore, when one wants to send a gift to a near and dear one who stays in this colourful city then they have to make sure that the gift is as refreshing as the sea in Girgaon and as happening as the lovely suburbs of Mumbai like Bandra and Vile Parle. Here are some innovative gift suggestions for the Mumbaikar.


  1. Food for thought:

Mumbai is a town of foodies. People here are willing to experiment with food and enjoy delicacies of different cultures. So sending a wonderful chocolate cake or a box of handmade cookies can be one of the best gifts for a person living in Mumbai. Not just cakes and cookies even authentic Indian sweets and delectable chocolates can please Mumbaikars.

  1. Gifts to decorate homes:

Though one may not find palatial villas in Mumbai and many people live in flats one thing is for sure that average Mumbaikar wants their home to look chic. Therefore, sending home decor items makes sense. It can be anything right from a wall hanging to a lovely marble statue or a painting or photo frame. One only needs to remember one thing while sending a gifts to Mumbai that they must be classy and chic.

  1. Passion for fashion:

Now everyone knows that Mumbai is a fashion hub. Therefore, sending gifts which are related to fashion can be a good option. This can be anything like fashionable outfits or even fashion accessories. One can also send stuff like a beautiful makeup set to a female friend in Mumbai. Talking about outfits, one can select traditional as well as western wear depending on the liking of the person to whom the gift is being sent.

  1. Pricey gifts that ooze with style:

If one has a higher budget then they can go for something more expensive like silverware or gift articles made from expensive metals like gold. One can also go in for braded goods like a branded watch or a branded bracelet.

  1. Mix it up:

If one wants to send loads of things to a dear one in Mumbai then they can mix up different gifts and send it in the form of a huge hamper. They can mix chocolates with fresh flowers or a cool looking dress with dainty accessories. One can also send an assortment of home decor items like furnishings, wall hangings etc.

No matter which part of the world, one stays with online shopping stores it has become very easy to send a gift to near and dear ones. One needs to opt for a reputed online store, which has an array of gifts. This gives the shopper a wider range to choose from and that too from a single place. Reach out to those lovely Mumbaikar in this city that never sleeps by sending gifts through online shopping stores.

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