All you need to know about green laser markers

By on June 4, 2019

Meta description: Green laser markers are designed to mark highly reflective materials or highly sensitive substrates like silicon wafers with ease. There are also some advantages to these markers.

The green laser markers are the perfect tool to mark softer plastics, PCB Boards, IC Chips, and also for scribing or marking of solar cells of various material compositions.

These green laser markers are able to meet the special needs of semiconductor and solar marketing applications. The inherent advantages of the 532 nm wavelength are known to be greater absorption across a wide range of materials.

Advantages of using green laser markers

The green laser marker is one of the many laser processes and each one has been invented and subsequently widely adopted along with a unique array of benefits. Normally, all processes work in a similar way and using a laser beam can be manipulated in multiple ways in order to achieve varied desired effects.

  1. It’s a non-contact process

Any process that uses a laser beam is known to be a non-contact process. This means that the laser beam isn’t physically working with the materials that have been directed at.

So, you can understand that it will affect only the area that is being heated without causing any kind of abrasions or damage to the surrounding area of the particular material.

  1. Doesn’t strip away any kind of materials

The way, this green laser marker works, that is a process that doesn’t take away any material it is working with. It heats up the area that is targeted and causes oxidization.

This process causes a color change underneath the surface of the material while leaving a permanent mark on that.

  1. Precise marking a high quality

The process leaves extremely precise, accurate, and high-quality marks, which are easily readable by the human eye and also by the machines too. That mark is durable and can be easily traced.

Well, this is an important quality to have especially on the time, many parts are laser marked and those need to be traced back to their original source. These laser markers are also able to work with extremely small measurements.

  1. Works with a wide range of materials

This is a process that generally works extremely well with a range of materials. And this is important because many of the industries that it operates in do not use one type of material or metal.

These markers are able to work with materials such as metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, and also on silicon.

  1. Easily adaptable between processes

Despite the many variations in the industry, materials and the shape of any object, laser marking setups can easily and quickly get adapted between various needs.

At the same time, another huge benefit of using these laser markers is that one single laser setup can often be used for multiple processes. For instance, laser engraving is extremely similar for the laser marking, and one setup can often switch between both types of process.

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