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By on August 30, 2019
Deep Learning course

Deep Learning today is one of the most important fields in the world of digital technologies. It emerged as one of the new areas of Machine Learning research and is about making the machines understand data with multiple levels of abstraction like images and sounds. Application of DL in technologies such as self-driving cars, automatic speech recognition and automatic translation has yielded amazing results and DL implemented machines can truly comprehend their surroundings.

Take for example -Google Lens:

Google Lens utilizes deep learning for image recognition. With the help of it you can direct your android phone’s camera to any object and it will instantly identify the object and bring all the related information about that object on your fingertips!

How deep learning is shaping our future!

Deep Learning is an innovation based on the inner working of human brain. It utilizes artificial neural networks or convolutional neural networks to imitate the information processing by biological systems. Different architectures in deep learning like deep belief networks, recurrent neural networks and deep neural networks demonstrate tremendous capability when applied in fields like computer vision, natural language processing and bioinformatics. DL has immensely increased the potential of machines as DL powered machines can efficiently perform complicated tasks that would otherwise require humans.

Knowledge of deep learning is essential for data scientists

Data science is all about bringing together all the available tools and techniques to excavate meaning from data. And deep learning enables data scientists to tackle extremely complicated problems.

Let’s understand this with the help of two examples:

  • Deep learning is utilized to automate analysis of medical images to increase the efficiency of diagnosticians. Enlitic, a San Francisco based startup uses deep learning systems to analyze medical images very fast and detect tumors, fractures or any other medical conditions. This in turn has saved doctors valuable time and patients can be treated much faster!
  • Visa recently decided to use DL for its fraud protection portfolio. The financial services company intends to use DL for identifying complex patterns in criminal activities in order to prevent financial frauds. The company claims that hackers are getting sophisticated and traditional AI models need to be upgraded with DL models for recognizing the criminal activities of sophisticated hackers.

Thus, deep learning is becoming increasingly important in data science and a Deep Learning course can be instrumental in seeking a great data science job.

What a Deep learning course entails?

  • It will develop a good understanding of the fundamentals associated with deep learning and all the architectures.
  • It will enable you to acquire all the necessary skills required to execute deep learning projects successfully.
  • It will impart you the ability to build amazing models to solve data science problems.
  • In no time you will be using DL frameworks like Keras and PyTorch.
  • Increase your employability and land big job opportunities on your feet.

Data science is the core of data driven strategies and data scientists are highly valued for their expertise. Acquire Deep learning skills today to boost your data science career.

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