6 Awesome Apps for Retouching Your Smartphone Portraits

By on October 10, 2019

Do you want to achieve professional-looking portraits but do not have the essential equipment? Fret not! There are plenty of amazing apps available for download that can give you the results that you want.

Yes, for sure there are other options as well that would help you to get those aesthetic portraits. For instance, there are several Photo retouching agency that provides you the services of retouching your regular looking portraits whether in print or online images.

But if you are seeking for a cheaper option then smartphone apps are the best way to give an upgrade to your bland looking portraits. Plus, they are super easy to be used with great results. You do not have to master the art of photo-shopping for getting professional effects on your images.

Download these 6 best apps that are an impressive way to achieve professionally retouched portraits.

1.       TouchRetouch

One of the major retouching features that we all want is the removal of the unwanted object from an image. This cool app provides its users with just that. You can edit out any unnecessary object from the image without much of a hassle.

Just draw over the object that you want to remove and proceed to save. Your image is saved with a fully retouched object removal effect. It is that easy. This app is available for download both on the iOS and Android platforms.

Other than removing objects, you can use this app for clearing up your portrait photos and achieving a flawless face. This app is one of the best choices for editing out unwanted objects from images. However, the app has very limited features in it that constrict its functionality.

2.       Visage

This easy-to-use app is perfect for those who want to perfect the portrait image. The app is loaded with face retouching features such as reducing skin shine, smoothen skin, applying eye makeup, whitening teeth and a lot more.

This app even offers to set an interesting background for your portraits. Instead of background, you can choose to add effects as well. This app is extremely user-friendly. The app scores extra credit for offering cool background designs to the images.

However, one demerit attached to this app is that it leaves watermark on your images and feature plenty of advertisements in its free version.

3.       Fotor

Now, this app has a lot more to do than just retouching your portrait photos. The Fotor app comes with the dual function of being a collage maker and an image editor. It allows its users to add effects, filters, frames and even graphic enhancements to your desired images.

With this app, you have the freedom to edit the portrait photos and create an artistic graphic design at the same time. The app has frequently updated versions rolling out that further adds cool features for photo retouching.

However, the availability of most features is not in the free version. You have to purchase them for unlocking certain features of the app.

4.       Pixelmator

Pixelmator is one step ahead in offering users with retouched portraits or selfie images. With its advanced image retouching features, this app is an all-around image editor. It is not only loaded with basic editing tools such as crop, filters and color adjustments but also has impressive features for portrait image retouching tools.

For instance, if you have an unwanted photobombing selfie then the Clone tool of this app will come in handy for you. This tool will enable you to remove the photobomb or any unwanted object out of the image. The results are such that the object was not even existing in the image in the first place.

Apart from this, there are plenty of other tools that would further help you to enhance your portraits. However, this app falls in the category of being on the expensive side. The app is available to download on iOS and Android platforms at a $4.99 price.

5.       Photoshop Fix

Well, it is not your typical photo retouching app as it is not that easy to use. However, it is worth a while to master this photo editor app. Unlike other image retouch apps, they have a lot more tools to offer for retouching images. For instance, the Healing brush feature will help you to remove any blemish or spots from your portraits.

So if you are worried about your acne scar ruining your portrait images then use this app for instantly effective results. But one tool that makes them stand out from the rest is its Liquify tool. This one allows you to create your desired adjustments to the facial features. This feature raises the standard of its photo retouching capability.

However, you have to practice for mastering these tools for impressive results.

6.       FaceTune 2

Well, FaceTune has been a favorite image retouching app for a wide number of users around the world. And to raise the standards, even more, the new version has a lot of added features. The FaceTune 2 app comes in with features such as Relight with which you can change the source of light in your images. You can choose to add studio-like lighting with this cool feature.

Apart from this, FaceTune 2 allows you to reshape your facial structure and even add a smile to a portrait. So no more of gloomy expression images. Add an upward curve and make your portraits happy and lively with FaceTune 2.

These are the list of apps that offers you features that you can find in a professional Photo retouching agency. Give your portraits a perfect finish with these amazing smartphone apps now.

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