5 Winter Essentials For Men

By on December 5, 2017
Winter Essentials For Men

Errr.. Winters have arrived, haven’t they? And to give that body enough warmth, the proper clothes are required. Now yea, dark colors and more clothes are important. But wait, does it end simply like that. No right! Fashion finds its way through every season to leave its mark and make you look suave and handsome. Here are a few essentials (Or should I say fashion essentials?), you’d be needing this Winter. Have a look :

1. The Dashing Coats.

I know..!! They are always the first thing that comes to our mind when the cool breeze hits on. When it comes to coats, there are a number of options and choices you have. You have the tweed sport one’s, the sweater coat and the all purpose coats (Very handy! I agree). Not only they give you that elegant and raw look, but the warmth is simply satisfying.

2. Shirts And Sweaters

Although the coats are warm enough, you cannot carry it all around for the huge weight they have.  Well, workplaces aren’t those places where you just hang around wearing coats. So here, the shirts and sweaters play their charm. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. That’s right. Cardigans. The best piece of clothing ever made. From the subtle to sexy, how they change your look, you never know.

3. The Trousers

Well, they complete the look firstly. But they can’t be ignored just so easily. And I know that the first thing you’ll be reaching for are the thick jeans that look great but wait. Try the chinos and flannel trousers too sometimes. The looking great factor changes to looking classy. The color? Hmm.. Try gray and black and watch them match with any coat or shirt/sweater.

4. Socks and Boots.

The feet. They freeze like ice in al refrigerator and then pains like a hammer has just sliced through your feet. Ouch! So simple it is. Warm socks and huge big boots. Now that I say socks, I don’t simply mean plain socks but Wool socks or Cashmere socks. And boots- Mountaineering boots. I guess you knew that. Who doesn’t. The feet are now safe from tragedies.

5. The Final Touches – Miscellaneous

Coats, Shirts, Shoes, Trousers – Done. Head gears, Mufflers, Gloves- Oh Oh..!! No worries, smaller but classy and look finishers. Gloves, they too are very essential, else your hands would again be as cold as ice. Mufflers and Scarves. Wrap them around that turtleneck sweater or match them with any shirt and just be the style icon you’ve always wanted to be.

So here it is, the five things one needs to complete your look this winters. Fight away the chilly season with the warmest of clothes without worrying about the style statement that will now become even better. Looking for offers? What are you waiting for? Jabong (Jabong Coupons) and Flipkart (Flipkart Offers) are just a few clicks away. Avail the mind blowing offers and complete the Winter Wardrobe with a mark. There’s no stopping from being the best of you.

Happy Shopping !

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