4 Things that could Go Wrong with Your Laptop – and How to Fix Them

By on September 1, 2018
Things that could Go Wrong with Your Laptop

Laptops are now more common than desktops. We love their portability and flexibility. Whereas a desktop is fixed in one location, a laptop can be used on the sofa, in bed, or even on the train to work. You can also take your laptop to work and then use it at home in the evenings. For this reason, a laptop is a very handy device. Unfortunately, as with any other piece of technology, laptops are not immune to problems and there is a lot that can go wrong.

Defunct Battery

Laptop batteries ensure a lot of wear and tear and eventually, they need replacing. Some people always leave their laptop connected to a power outlet. This is fine when you have mains power, but if you then decide to use battery power, don’t be surprised when your laptop’s battery has performance issues because the cells have died.

When a battery is dying, it runs out of power very quickly, often in minutes. All you can do is replace the battery with a new one. If you turn your laptop and nothing happens – no lights or signs of life – it is definitely time to replace it, but always buy a battery from a reputable source or it could cause even more issues.

Dead Motherboard

Dead motherboards are notoriously had to diagnose. If the laptop turns on, the fan spins, and there are lights, but the operating system doesn’t load, it is possible that the motherboard is to blame. The only way to be certain is to open up the laptop, but this is beyond the realm of most users. If you suspect hardware failure, take your device to an IT expert for a firm diagnosis. If it is the motherboard, it is normally not cost-effective to replace it, as motherboards are expensive.

Faulty Hard-Drive

Faulty hard drives usually display warning signs before they die. You will start to have booting issues, the computer will crash, files and folders may disappear, or you may see error messages when trying to perform normal functions. A noisy hard drive is always a cause for concern and a laptop that regularly overheats is likely to die imminently due to hard drive failure.

Don’t ignore these warning signs. Make sure you back up your files as often as possible to avoid disaster. But if the worst does happen, don’t despair. There are secure data recovery companies that can retrieve data from a corrupted or deceased hard drive.

Clogged Up Fan

The fan is there to ensure the electrical components inside your laptop stay nice and cool. If the fan gets clogged up with hair and dust, it will start to whir and make a lot of noise. In time, this will compromise the inner workings of your computer and lead to premature failure. Use a compressed air canister to clear dust from the fan. It is a quick and easy fix.

Don’t lose hope if your laptop stops functioning. Often, there is a simple fix and you don’t need to stump up for a new machine.

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