4 Reasons to Invest in an iPad Air Today!

By on September 2, 2019
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Are you a student or commuter contemplating whether to invest in a PC or an iPad Air? Well, the decision can be conflicting indeed. While the PC offers tons of functionality, the iPad Air is no less. Today it comes with a 2224 x 1668 Retina display, uses the iOS 12.4 and is extremely light.

When it comes to doing projects, or portability, the iPad Air naturally offers better functionality than a PC. What’s more? In case, you need to add hardware or remove older parts, numerous reputed stores today stack up robust iPad air parts, which can help stretch the life of the device.

On this note, check out 4 more reasons to invest in an iPad if you’re a student or working individual.

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  1. Augmented Reality

One of the biggest reasons the iPad Air towers of PC is that it supports a myriad number of Augmented Reality apps. Augmented reality uses computer-generated sensory activity to gather the information that makes objects in the real world appear interactive.

Numerous applications toadies use augmented reality for education, entertainment and more. For example, the Froggipedia app let’s one witness a frog up close. This is educational as one can toggle to witness its nervous and skeletal system.

  1. Versatile Cameras and Portability

At the back of the 9.7-inch iPad, there is an 8-megapixel rear cam that can capture video and images with smooth 1080p quality. The front cam is basic with a 1.2-MP camera, which is ideal for making video calls.

The best part, the compact size of the device let’s one carry it around wherever, and whenever at their whims. This helps to take notes in class, do group projects, and whatnot. For commuters, the iPad Air is ideal for office-related tasks that involve a lot of data storage.

  1. Enhanced Battery Life

The iPad Air also provides a battery life of range 8,600mAh to 7,340mAh, which is ideal for almost 10 years of web surfing. What’s more, the latest iOS 12 is quite good for productivity. One can run more than 2-3 apps side by side, take notes with Apple Pencil and enjoy a plethora of functionalities that come with increased battery life.

  1. Simple Access and Usability

The iPad’s best feature isn’t its portability, but also, it’s connectivity. The iPad Air works faultlessly with almost all Wi-Fi connections. However, if you invest in a cellular model you can enjoy an iPad, which works almost anywhere.

This might cost you, but whether you’re travelling out of the country or need to do digital duties in the outskirts of town, your iPad air can make it easily possible.

Apart from this, Apple iOS makes the iPad remotely easy to use and monitor. If you can grasp your hand around its functioning at the first go, you can easily use this device like a pro.

On that note, to elongate the life of your iPad ensure to charge it via its respective adapter instead of charging it by a computer or iPhone charger.

In normal cases, the iPad does not show faults. However, as it gets old its battery life can reduce. Hence, keep in hand a trusted iPhone repair parts supplier and you can assure your device a long life.

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