4 Cities where Real Estate is Thriving

By on July 3, 2019

Real estate is one of the best investment, however choosing the right place to invest will mean high returns. Real estate investments can also mean a whole lots of things like homes, condos, malls, hotels etc.

Investing in a great location is the number one factor when it comes to real estate investments, this is why this blog is very important for those who seek to know about such cities where real estate thrive.

So which cities are really thriving when it comes to the real estate industry, but really most countries are prime locations for real estate investment. But we want to look at the most thriving cities for real estate investments.

Below are a list of 4 cities where real estate is thriving and you might also want to look into it not really as an investor but rather for the sake of being passionate about real estate.


Miami is such a great location where real estate is thriving, it has been on the rise for quite a very long time and the future is only looking better.

Miami is a city in the home of south beach with a year round tropical weather. Miami is a city that attracts a lot of tourist both from within the United State of America and other countries from around the world.

The current market conditions in Miami have reduced the number of houses that are available and every year the price of houses both for rent and sales increases at an average of 4%.

Las Vegas

This is another great prime location that real estate is thriving and it’s also a location that attracts a lot of tourist from within the country and around the world.

Also the percentage of unemployment rate in Las Vegas is less than 10%, this means that most of the people living in the city are able to afford homes for themselves which automatically means high demand for real estate.

New Orleans

Regardless of the fact that New Orleans had witnessed Hurricane Katrina in the last 8 years or so, New Orleans is a great city where real estate is thriving. New Orleans Real Estate is thriving due to so many factors which include the fact the population is on the rise.

New Orleans real estate is a trending market also due to the fact that there is rise in commercial interest which had a similar impact on residential real estate like stated above, making the city more attractive to investors and prospective owners.


Houston is the fourth on this list of the most real estate thriving cities because of the fact that it’s a city there is a lot of job market. This means that workers are always in search of homes to live either as single owners or family owners.

Because of the high demand for homes, home prices are rising. Sales for such houses have dramatically increased year on year.

These are the 4 cities in which Real Estate is thriving and real estate enthusiast should be interested in finding out more about these cities so as to satisfy their appetite for the next best real estate destination.

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