3 Foolproof Tips to Prevent Merchandizing Loss from Experts

By on October 10, 2019

Have you recently set up a retail shop in Australia? Well, looks like you’ll have your hands full with managing raw material, profit, loss, and many other factors. But, there is also one thing that you are missing out on- shoplifting issues.

Do you know that shoplifting contributes to 1.47% loss of revenue? That’s right! Numerous times retail stores end up losing goods and services owing to theft. Now, these might be done by poor plebeians, or kleptomaniacs, or simply teens looking to try something daring.

However, whatever be the case, store theft is something you should not overlook. This is why experts from corporate security Melbourne bring to you a few tips to prevent shoplifting and retail loss.

Sit Tight, and Read on

  1. Invest in Security Officers

If you have a retail store that is big and consists of several floors then the chances of shoplifting increase multifold. Now, one of the best things you can do is install security cameras to oversee and monitor who is entering your store.

However, that is not always enough. For example, suppose it is the festive season and your store is crowded. Your trained employees are busy assisting a multitude of shoppers and within them, one person is a kleptomaniac. Now, this person can end up stealing your store products and you would not even know.

This is why it is best to invest in a loss prevention officer who can effectively monitor and capture professional shoplifters. Additionally, these loss prevention companies generally come with high tech gadgets and possess keen observation skills that easily help them identify and prosecute shoplifters.

  1. Keep a Person Posted on Sales Floor 

If you have a few staff working under you, it is vital to train these staffs on monitoring customers. Now, these staffs need to learn how to pinpoint suspicious characters from genuine customers. To do this it is best that you post a reliable worker or two on your sales floor.

Ask these employees to walk around aisle racks and oversee which customer is acting shady or weird. If anyone seems to fit the description of a shoplifter ensure to check his/her belongings. You can ask your staff to monitor actions via CCTV footage.

Additionally, the best solution is to install security display hooks on your products. These hooks are available under 30$ and can be attached to products. Once a kleptomaniac or shoplifter tries to get away with a product these hooks will send an alarm that will notify your loss prevention officer that someone is stealing.

So, the officer can instantly pinpoint and capture the potential shoplifter.

  1. Motion Detectors 

Shoplifters and kleptomaniacs are smart people. They end up choosing stores that have busy staffs. So, the best way to prevent these individuals from stealing is by making them aware that the store knows they have entered. How to do this?

Via motion detector doorbells! These doorbells will notify workers and employees every time a customer enters the store. So, if a potential shoplifter enters he/she will know that the store is aware. So chances of them stealing a product goes down.

On that note, if you follow these 3 tips by the corporate security Melbourne vehemently the chances of losing products to shoplifters reduces. So, monitor your store carefully and enjoy suitable profits without worrying about theft loss.

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